Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Symantec Fail on Virus Buletin Test....???

Virus Bulletin has released its August 2009 test results for Windows Vista SP2 Business. The company examined 35 anti-malware products and put them through their paces. In order to pass the basic requirements of the test, applications must detect all malware known to be "In the Wild" while not presenting any false positives. The products are tested in their default settings and must succeed in both on-demand and on-access detections.

Virus Bulletin threw the programs in a ring with around 3,000 unique samples of malware spread across four categories: Polymorphic viruses, Trojans, WildList viruses and Worms/bots. Of the 35 tested, only 23 passed, meaning about a third of the products fell to the tests. Among the more known solutions is Symantec's Endpoint Protection, which missed two infections on the Wildlist.

Symantec was quick to defend itself in response to Ars Technicia's original coverage of the Virus Bulletin tests. A company spokesperson said that "In the past ten years, Symantec has earned 44 consecutive VB100 awards, something no other vendor has come close to matching." They went on to add that the missed malware is an "extremely rare replicant of a highly polymorphic file infecting virus" and that they have since fixed the issue in their signatures.

You can check out the test in full on Virus Bulletin's website, although I believe you need a subscription. Ars Technica has created a condensed list of the results which you can view after the jump.

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